Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Technology towards equality themes for MLA Rice in Tuesday Legislature appearance

Our recent times of Zoom sessions and how technology may serve goals of equality in the future made for a short presentation from North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice on Tuesday.

The Member of the British Columbia Legislature took note of the recent approach to the workplace environment and how it may be used post COVID, using the theme as the narrative to her commentary during morning statements.

"While some of us are experiencing Zoom fatigue, many women are embracing the technology and feeling empowered by it. 

While many companies are using a hybrid model of working, where employees spend part of their time working from home and part in the office, many organizations are considering keeping large meetings online ... 

If organizations continue to offer remote work opportunities after the pandemic is over, more women will have a level playing field."

The full review of the MLA's commentary can be reviewed below:

More items of note from the Legislature can be explored here.

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