Monday, October 25, 2021

City's RCMP detachment increases its information flow with a flurry of updates on case files past and present

The Prince Rupert detachment of the RCMP has increased
the flow of case file information over the course of the last week

Prince Rupert residents now have an opportunity to gain a sense of some of the workload for the local members of the RCMP, with the Sixth Avenue West detachment sparking some new life into their online presentation, with a flurry of updates on case files delivered through their website in the last week.

Over the course of the last seven days, the local Mounties have shared some notes on file items of note, the first entries to the online portal since mid September, previous to this past week of activity, the website had seen only sporadic updates.

Among the reports of arrests and calls for assistance on previous case files is one case file currently in motion that of a search for a 21 year old male, Michael Kitchener who was last seen on Friday the call for the help of the public coming over the weekend.

The new enthusiasm for information sharing is a welcome thing and should help raise the profile of the RCMP in the community as well as to highlight some of the work that they take on as part of their day to day time on the streets of the city.

They may even want to expand on the concept, taking page from the Terrace and Kitimat Detachments which provide for a weekly update on a large range of case files that their members have to address over the course of a week, something that provides for a helpful snap shot of what they take on with each shift.

While the RCMP improve on their information sharing, still be to seen from City Council is if they have followed up on a suggestion from City Councillor Nick Adey, who back in September had requested that Council invite a representative from the detachment to come to council and provide some background on policing issues in the community.

At that same September session, Mayor Lee Brain also noted that the Detachment is in a transition period of leadership once again,  with the Detachment in the process of recruiting and bringing forward applications for the top position.

So far, Mayor and Council have not had any more to say on either of those two policing related themes, or a timeline for the proposed public information session at Council.

Also of note is what the status of plans to replace the RCMP detachment may be with few updates having been delivered since the acquisition in October 2020, of the old Jehovah Witnesses building and land at Third and McBride, that area has now been identified as the location for the new detachment, though no timeline for that project has been outlined as of yet.

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