Wednesday, April 7, 2021

City of Prince Rupert/RCMP seeks Assistant for Victims Services Program

The City of Prince Rupert and the local RCMP detachment are in the midst of a search for someone to help deliver on the community's Victim Services Program, which offers assistance to those who are victims of crime.

The job opportunity is that of a program assistant, with a wide range of duties and responsibilities inside the scope of the position, some of which include:

Provides crisis intervention, direct service delivery, court support and security checks to victims and witnesses of crime and trauma; 

Ensures service delivery conforms to program guidelines, objectives and needs of the community as set out by the Victim Services Program Manager and RCMP; 

Assists in liaising with police members, government partners and community agencies to coordinate work efforts, share information, provide advice and consultation regarding victim/witness related issues, and promote awareness of the Victim Services Program;

An ability to exercise independent judgement and actions, remain calm under conditions of emergency and emotionally charged situations and work under pressure and in sensitive situations are just a few of the of the elements of note for the position.

The opportunity is a permanent, part time position, with a 25 hour work week, featuring a flexible schedule.

The full list of what the program requires can be reviewed below:

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The deadline for applications is April 15th and all applicants should be ale to obtain the RCMP Reliability Security Clearance that is required for the post.

The full jobs sheet and information on how to apply can be reviewed here

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