Friday, April 30, 2021

With Operations underway, Pembina begins development of Pest Management Plan for Prince Rupert facilities

A vegetation removal plan is being prepared by Pembina for 
their Prince Rupert Terminal operations

(photo from Pembina website resources)

As the Pembina LPG Terminal at Watson Island moves into full production, the national energy company has announced plans towards a pest management plan for its Prince Rupert facilities, issuing a notification to the public as is required under British Columbia legislation.

In their notice, the company outlines that it is performing vegetation management on its Prince Rupert facilities and related infrastructure within the North Coast Regional District as a public and employee safety measure and maintenance procedure for the years 2021-2026, a 5 year program.

Associated communities in this area include Prince Rupert and area.

The advisory makes note as to how the vegetation removal program will work:

"Select treatments, including manual, preventive and herbicides will be used at a low rate of application to control the growth of unwanted vegetation. This will reduce any potential fire risk, maximize public safety and allow access to facilities and rights of way for maintenance and operational data collection. Pembina fenced facilities should only be accessed by authorized personnel."

The treatment applications will be applied by backpack sprayers with wands and ATV with spray tanks and power nozzles.

Among the herbicides to be used as part of the pest management plan:

VP800, Arsenal, Clearview, Milestone, Navius VM, Escort, Banvel  VM, Startup, Garlon XRTT, 2-4-D amine, MCPA amine, Esplanade SC, Lontrel 360,  Torpedo, Gateway, Hasten NT, LI700.

Copies of the Pest management plan and maps are available upon request from the Pembina head office in Calgary. 

Should you wish more information on their pest management plan, you are directed to contact:

Pembina Pipeline Corporation
Attention: Ksenia Privalova, Specialist, Environment
4000, 585-8th Avenue SW, Calgary AB, T2P1G1
Phone number: 403-231-6325

Pembina notes that anyone wishing to contribute information about a proposed treatment site, relevant to the development of the IPMP, may send copies of information to the above email address within thirty days of the April 29th publication date.

Further notes on the Prince Rupert operations of the Pembina terminal can be found from our archive page.

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