Thursday, April 15, 2021

1,205 new cases of COVID recorded for Thursday, with reminders from Health Officials towards how to bring the curve down

The third wave of COVID continues to wash over the province today, with another day of case counts over the 1200 mark making for a total of 10,052 active cases of the coronavirus, the focus on the data and a call to reduce the curve made for the main themes of the daily report.

The livestream of today's review also included a range of modelling data that Health officials are using to direct their approach to the COVID response.

“Today, we are reporting 1,205 new cases, for a total of 116,075 cases in British Columbia. 

There are 10,052 active cases of COVID-19 in the province, with 16,217 people under public health monitoring as a result of identified exposure to known cases. A further 104,331 people who tested positive have recovered. 

Of the active cases, 409 individuals are currently hospitalized with COVID-19, 125 of whom are in intensive care. The remaining people with COVID-19 are recovering at home in self-isolation. 

There have been three new COVID-19 related deaths, for a total of 1,524 deaths in British Columbia."

Across the province there were 301 new cases of COVID-19 reported today in the Vancouver Coastal Health region, 730 new cases in the Fraser Health region, 38 in the Island Health region, 69 in the Interior Health region, 

66 cases of the coronavirus were recorded in the Northern Health region today, that brings the Northern BC Total to 6,687 cases of COVID since January 2020.

There was one new case of a person in British Columbia who resides outside of Canada having recorded a case of COVID. 

Towards the vaccine efforts, the report for Thursday noted that “1,235,863 doses of Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca-SII COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in B.C., 87,899 of which are second doses. 

Bringing down the daily case counts was the focus for part of today's statement, with a few thoughts on how to push back on the current wave crashing over the province.

“Despite higher case counts, our province can bend our curve back down. We have done it before and know how to protect ourselves, our families, our workplaces and our communities. Making the effort to have less contact with people outside our household will put us back on the path where we want and need to be. It is a small effort that has a big result."

The full statement for Thursday can be reviewed here.  

BC CDC data for British Columbia for April 15 2021

BC CDC data for Northern Health Region for April 15, 2021

The BC Centre for Disease control has some valuable Coronavirus notes related to COVID-19 you can explore that information here.

You can learn more about the outbreak from both the Province and the Federal government from the links below:

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