Monday, April 19, 2021

Rogers customers in Prince Rupert, across Canada suffering service outage

Cellular phone users with Rogers in the Prince Rupert area are not getting much in the way of communicating done today as the national communication giant suffers a massive service outage across the nation.

Any calls through the Rogers service, which includes those who use the Speakout program from 7-11 are bouncing back with a message that your call has failed.

The problems began earlier this morning and so far Rogers has not offered much indication as to what the problem may be or when the situation may be resolved.

The outage is making for some lively conversation on the Rogers Community Forum.

The updates on the situation have been few and far between through the morning, you can check in through twitter to see how things are going.

An Update on the day long outage can be reviewed here.

Notes of interest on communication around the Northwest can be explored further here.

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