Tuesday, December 15, 2020

COVID related themes discussed as part of December SD52. Board meeting

School District 52 engaged in what has been described as a robust debate on the implications of changes to the Winter Break schedule during the current pandemic, with the option of extension of the break and the requirement of wearing masks upon the return, as part of an evolving COVID response program, however in the end, the Board decided to continue to follow the specific guidance of the Public Health Authorities.

A theme they continued with last Friday with a letter issued by the School District in response to the recent car caravan organized and hosted by the PRDTU, as well as some of the notes of previous concern  outlined by local teachers and support staff

As for the School Break at Christmas, classes will be dismissed starting December 21 with a return to class set for January 4, 2021.

While the issue of COVID loomed large at the December 8th session, there were other topics discussed, including an update on the Breakfast for Everyone program at École Roosevelt Park Community School, a program which has seen some changes owing to COVID precautions.

Pricpipal Andrée Michaud outlined the nature of the change "rather than students going to a specific room prior to classes, breakfast is now being served in each class at the start of the day. This allows teachers to have meaningful conversations with students in a different context. While costs have increased for a number of reasons, the community has supported the school to make this possible."

School Board Chair James Horn observed of the community spirit that has assisted the program:

“The Board is very thankful for the generous contributions provided to Roosevelt School. Hearing that this new program has helped to remove any stigma attached to students participating in the breakfast program is good news.”

The Board of Education is also set to update the Framework  for Enhancing Student Learning for the 2017-2021 document, with more information to be shared in the New Year.

Also update ahead is the District's plan to participate in a youth mental health survey sponsored by the BC Children's Hospital, information on the program will soon be posted to the District's website and participation will be voluntary. The goal of the survey is to help identify gaps in mental health services in District communities.

Early 2021 will also bring the annual Budge Consultation process, with meetings to take place by remote methods owing to the pandemic.  The Consultation will run from February 4 to April 13, a glimpse of the schedule is available  below.

The full overview of their December 8th session can be explored here.

More notes on Education across the Northwest can be reviewed here.

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