Wednesday, December 23, 2020

No Polar bears to be seen this year as Rotarian suspend plans for annual Polar Bear Swim

The Prince Rupert Rotary Club has made a tough but necessary decision to put the cancelled sign up for a Prince Rupert tradition, announcing that the 2021 Polar Bear Swim at Rushbrook Floats will not be taking place this year.

The swim which is more of.a quick dash in and out of the chilly but refreshing North Coast water at Rushbrook to celebrate the arrival of a New Year,  is the latest casualty of our times of COVID, and another popular event that will be sidelined by the ongoing efforts towards response to the coronavirus.

The announcement was posted to the Prince Rupert Rotary Club's Facebook page earlier this month.

They don't make for an expansive commentary on the decision, but an event such as the Polar Bear Swim makes it all but impossible to follow social distancing measures as outlined by Dr. Bonnie Henry the top Public Health Official in the province.

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