Sunday, December 13, 2020

Blog Watching: Week ending December 13, 2020

Themes of local education and local government seemed to dominate much of the viewing habits of our readers this week.

Our notes on the ongoing differences of opinion between the School District and the PRDTU found a wide audience for the week, from our look at the suggestions from the teachers to the response to the Thursday car caravan by the Board of Education officials.

It being a City Council week, and in this case the final public session for Council for 2020, many of our stories from the Monday session found a large audience. 

With the focus on how the city council may wish to approach climate change issues and the still under consideration plan for a civic initiated road to Fairview Bay through the Wantage Road corridor both topics that found an interested audience.

CFTK TV7 introduced a new reporter to the community this week, and our look at the Joshua Azizi, the  new kid in town  for Bell Media north captured a fair bit of attention.

And with a week of concerning news on COVID from around the province, the BC CDC provided it's latest data on local health case counts and the Prince Rupert area continues to be a very fortunate place, with our efforts and a bit of luck keeping the reports low from the region.

However, once again, our look at the local education scene was by far was the most read story the week.

Prince Rupert Teachers express disappointment with SD52's response to concerns --  With a car caravan on Thursday and a stream of updates from union officials in recent days, the growing impasse between the teachers of SD52 and Board of Education officials continued to make some focus for education in the region. Following Thursday's caravan, the School District did respond to their themes on Friday, though the Board officials remained firm in their policy of following Provincial Health and Ministry of Education guidelines in matters of COVID precautions at the schools.   (posted  December  10, 2020)

That article was followed by:

Prince Rupert  Council looks to remain engaged on climate issues as part of OCP review  --  Monday's City Council session featured some extensive discussion on themes of the upcoming update for the city's Official Community Plan, with Councillor Blair Mirau taking the lead when it came to a review of some of Councils climate awareness intiatives  (posted December  10, 2020)

City Council's version of a Port Bypass road still on the drawing board -- While the Port of Prince Rupert recently noted that the much anticipated Ridley-Fairview connector road is now 75% complete, at City Hall the long considered plan for a city developed road to the Fairview area seemingly is still a key part of the city's future plans as well.   (posted December 11, 2020)

New CFTK reporter takes to the Prince Rupert news beat  -- Stories that put some focus on Prince Rupert issues and concerns are now part of the TV7 news flow again, with the Terrace based station introducing their latest Prince Rupert correspondent this week.    (posted December 9, 2020)

Latest BC CDC local COVID results show Prince Rupert's remains fortunate on the COVID-19 virus, with only ten cases recorded since January --   (posted December 10, 2020)

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