Thursday, April 2, 2020

City of Prince Rupert asks that community offer up some support for local organizations; warns of on line scammers seeking to take advantage of community fears

The City of Prince Rupert has called on residents of the community to help out with some of our local groups and organizations in need during the course of this COVID-19 situation, listing a few that probably can use some help on a year round basis.

In a post to the City's Facebook page today, the city highlights how local service organizations are being impacted in a negative way by the state of affairs related to the pandemic.

Among the groups that the City has made note of are the Salvation Army, Kaien Anti Poverty Society, Prince Rupert SPCA and Prince Rupert Wildlife Shelter, though the City notes that their list is not exhaustive and may see some updates as time moves on.

You can find out how you can contribute to those organizations here.

The City has also called attention to the potential for some of the less civic minded to take advantage of community fears related to the COVID-19 pandemic, by using the Internet and other measures to raise the level of alarm and to scam residents of the province.

The background to the ongoing quest to scam us out of our money can be found from the notes from the BC RCMP  and Federal Serious and Organized crime units .

The notes from the RCMP  provide for a list of some pretty despicable attempts to build on the current fears of Canadians during these challenging time.

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