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Transportation on the North Coast 2020 -- BC Ferries/Alaska Ferries and other Marine Transportation

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to BC Ferries, Lax Kw'alaams Ferry and the Alaska Marine Highway System.

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Alaska Ferries website
Lax Kw'alaams Ferry schedule
North Co Corp Ferry (info) (schedule)
Prince Rupert Airport Ferry schedule

Transportation Safety Board of Canada Deployment Notices

2020 BC Ferries Items



November 3 -- Regional District seeks applicants for BC Ferries Board position  NCR

October 9 -- Candidates explore range of themes in second North Coast Election Debate NCR
October 7 -- Sunshine Coast engagement process yields significant interest  (BCF statement)
October 5 -- Travel safely with BC Ferries this Thanksgiving Long Weekend  (BCF statement)


September 29 -- BC Ferries reminds customers they must exit their vehicle on enclosed car decks  (BCF statement)
September 10 -- Admiral Horgan fires salvo over the bow of Battleship Trudeau  NCR


July 11 -- Southern Islanders want BC Ferries to follow order that lets residents board before tourists
July 10 -- BC Ferries resumes amenities service on Northern routes  NCR
July 8 -- Ferries offer food again


June 19 -- Province steps in to prevent dropped sailings between Alliford Bay, Skidegate
June 19 -- BC Ferries reverses course on Haida Gwaii service reductions following agreement with province  NCR
June 16 -- Kwuna Covid cuts  (video)
June 16 -- BC Ferries cuts two sailings on the MV Kwuna Ferry Line
June 15 -- In response to COVID financial bite, BC Ferries reduces inter-island route service on Haida Gwaii  NCR
June 14 -- BC Ferries removing some sailings between Skidegate and Alliford Bay
June 8 -- June 15th the date for BC Ferries to introduce mask policy for travellers  NCR
June 4 -- Engine repairs for Northern Expedition make for travel delay for Haida Gwaii run today  NCR


May 28 -- BC Ferries Summer Schedule (video)
May 28 -- BC Ferries Northern Route still running on winter schedule
May 11-- BC Ferry traffic is down by over 50 percent out of Port Hardy
May 8 -- Bu
May 5 -- Staffing shortages on BC Ferries Haida Gwaii service makes for schedule change for Kwuna  NCR


April 30 -- Checkpoint plans and advice for travellers the theme of the day for the North Coast  NCR
April 30 -- First Nations and local governments put out open letter regarding non-essential travel
April 30 -- Vehicle turned around after demonstrators gather near Prince Rupert ferry terminal 
April 28 -- Haida Gwaii residents protest arrival of visitors on BC Ferries
April 27 -- Visitors not welcome on Haida Gwaii (video)
April 27 -- Non-essential travel to and from Bella Coola is restricted
April 27 -- Communities of Haida Gwaii no longer accepting visitors
April 27 -- 'Enough is enough': Haida Gwaii rallies to send visiting ferry traffic back to terminal  NCR
April 27 -- Haida Nation, fearing infection, escalates enforcement of visitor ban
April 14 -- BC Ferries postpones direct service from Bella Coola to Port Hardy for summer 2020 NCR
April 9 -- "It's ridiculous people are coming': Northern BC tourism towns upset by visitors during COVID-19 (audio)
April 6 -- As new Federal rules on travel kick in; BC Ferries to make health check ups before passenger boarding  NCR
April 3 -- BC Ferry reductions (video)
April 3 -- BC Ferries reducing service starting tomorrow
April 3 -- No service reductions yet for Prince Rupert - Haida Gwaii, Port Hardy BC Ferry service routes, as southern routs reduced by 50%  NCR


March 26 -- BC Ferries calls for customers to travel only if essential  NCR
March 20 -- BC Ferries shuts down food service on Northern routes
March 18 -- Northern BC Ferries passengers must clear vehicles during sailings
March 17 -- BC Ferries gains temporary waiver for Transport Canada rules on enclosed deck travel  NCR
March 14 -- BC Ferries to stick with guidelines on enclosed deck travel for now  NCR
March 13 -- BC Ferries will resume Haida Gwaii sailing amid bans on large gatherings
March 9 -- Winds sabotage another BC Ferry sailing between Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii NCR
March 2 -- BC Ferries cancels Port Hardy and Haida Gwaii sailings this week  NCR


February 3 -- Province of British Columbia launches online consultation program on Coastal Ferries issues NCR


January 31 -- With adverse weather anticipated, BC Ferries revises sailing schedule for Northern Expedition  NCR
January 30 -- Thursday Windstorm leaves its mark on Prince Rupert  NCR
January 28 -- Launch day for expanded schedule of sailings for Kwuna on Haida Gwaii  NCR
January 27 -- Anticipated adverse weather leads to ferry rescheduling, Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii
January 27 -- With STORM WARNING in place, BC Ferries revises departure from Skidegate for Tuesday sailing  NCR
January 16 -- 'Scariest boat ride of my life': Passengers trapped by ice on rocky Nimpkish ferry sailing
January 9 -- High winds and adverse weather lead to ferry delays for North Coast
January 9 -- With approaching storm, BC Ferries revises schedule for Prince Rupert to Skidegate run  NCR

2020 Regional First Nation Ferry items




April 23 -- DOT: Alaska ferries to receive federal stimulus cash
April 9 -- Prince Rupert Ferry Link won't resume this Spring
April 9 -- Travel restrictions sideswipe plans to re-introduce Alaska Marine Highway Service to Prince Rupert NCR
April 7 -- Veto-wielding Alaska governor slashes ferry budget


March 29 -- Lawmakers approve $66.7M appropriation to run Alaska Ferries
March 3 -- AMHS summer schedule offers partial relief from ferry drought
March 3 -- AMHS releases Summer Sailing schedule with Prince Rupert sailings set from July through September  NCR


February 20 -- Ferry Matanuska sailings cancelled through mid-April
February 13 -- Alaska legislators begin push to restore ferry service 
February 13 -- Without ferries, island businesses wonder who will carry that freight
February 11 -- Alaska Marine Highway System supporters turn out in force
February 11 -- Wrangell rallies for ferry service
February 10 -- Alaska DOT says private charters could soon fill in for Alaska Marine Highway System ferries
February 4 -- Southeast residents ask DOT for more summer ferries
February 4 -- Dunleavy administration seeks $12 million for struggling ferries
February 3 -- State eyes private ferries for Angoon, Hoonah and Kake


January 23 -- Prince Rupert makes the cut in draft Alaska Marine Highway System Schedule
January 23 -- State proposes slim summer ferry service for Southeast
January 22 -- Alaska Ferries may return to Prince Rupert (video)
January 22 -- Alaska Ferries may return to Prince Rupert
January 22 -- Coastal Communities relate ferry woes to House lawmakers
January 21 -- AMHS Draft Schedule shows possible May return for Prince Rupert Service  NCR
January 20 -- Alaska Governor sets up Work Group to explore options for AMHS service  NCR
January 16 -- Eliminating Prince Rupert from the schedule is one of a number of options floated from Alaska Marine Highway Reshaping Report  NCR
January 15 -- Dunleavy administration's hired consultants torpedo idea to privatize Alaska Ferry system
January 13 -- What a reduced winter schedule means for Southeast Alaska basketball programs 
January 19 -- It will take more than a public corporation to save Alaska's ferry system
January 8 -- Petersburg OKs travel for ferry veto override effort

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