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MLA's Week: November 21-24, 2022

The final week of the fall session at the Legislature was a lengthy one, with the NDP government looking to steer a number of pieces of legislation to the finish line, using closure in some instances to ensure that a few of their more recent initiatives were in place before the House moved into Holiday mode.

The recently installed Premier has been quick out of the gate to put his stamp on his vision for the government moving forward with a number of new initiatives moving forward since last Friday's handover ceremony.

Some of the new Premier's accelerated agenda is gaining interest and a bit of pushback at times, with his housing initiatives of some interest to the UBCM which represents the province's municipal governments.

Thursday afternoon brought the final few moments of the Fall Session, the Government moving a number of their initiatives forward before the break for the holiday period and beyond. 

The next event of note  from Victoria is an anticipated cabinet shuffle in early December as Premier Eby assembles the group he will have the most confidence in to moving his programs and initiatives forward.

British Columbians can expect more programs to come, on Friday the province announced that they had good news to share on the province's finances. With Finance Minister Selina Robinson  noting of a Five billion dollar surplus, which comes well above previous estimates.

For the Northwest MLA's the schedule was a light one, with only a few instances of participation in  the debate or discussion of the Legislature

As for more on the recent week of work from the House, the four days unfolded as follows:


On the week, Ms Rice was mentioned twice  in the record for the week in the  Legislature from November 21-24

That came from the Monday afternoon session, when Ms. Rice shared word of the tragic shooting back home at Prince Rupert's Ocean Centre Mall.

The MLA also introduced a guest to the Legislature making note of the attendance of Steve Emery from the Central Coast District. (10:18 AM)

The North Coast MLA is also a member of the Following committees:

Ms. Rice serves as the Government's Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness

The North Coast MLA also addressed a range of themes through her Social Media Stream.


For our readers from the Terrace-Kitimat region, Skeena MLA Ellis Ross  was mentioned three times in the record for the week in the Legislature from November 21-24.

In the Monday afternoon session Mr. Ross spoke as part of the debate on Indigenous Self-Government in Child And Family services (3:05 PM)

Later that same evening he was engaged in the discussion on Bill 37 on the  Energy Statutes Amendment  (8:05 PM). 

The Skeena MLA used the opportunity to follow up on some themes on energy development that he had highlighted last week through his social media stream.

Mr. Ross also made note of the arrival of a new junior hockey team in the Kitimat area, observing of the community involvement for the Kitimat Saxx.  (10:25 AM)

Mr. Ross serves as the Liberal critic on LNG and Energy

The Skeena MLA is also a member of the Following committees:

The Skeena MLA also addressed a range of themes  featured as part of the MLA's social media work.


For our readers from the Bulkley Valley area, Stikine MLA Nathan Cullen  was  mentioned once  in the record for the week in the  Legislature from November 21-24.

Wednesday afternoon the Minister of Municipal Affairs introduced legislation towards the Islands Trust (2:40 PM)

Mr. Cullen serves as the Government's Minister of Municipal Affairs

The Stikine MLA also had comments on a range of themes through his Social Media stream this week


There is more background on all three Regional MLA's available from our MLA's Week Archive,  as well as our constituency archives below. 

The MLA's now will return to their constituencies for the Holiday period, the return date for the First sessions of 2023 still unknown.

MLA's also participate in a number of Committee sessions scheduled through the week.

A larger overview of provincial issues can be found on our Political portal D'Arcy McGee 

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