Monday, November 21, 2022

Community Group Presentation/Report from Operations Director to put city's water treatment infrastructure plans into the spotlight

The opening act to what could be a lengthy City Council session tonight will offer up a range of opinion and background on how City Council may move forward on plans for Water Treatment and other water related infrastructure  development and Operations in the years ahead.

The focus for the discussion coming following the posting of a Bid on the BC Bid website in October, which we first noted here, that related to a potential partnership between the city and private industry towards the infrastructure needs.

The overview of things will come through the Committee of the Whole Session which leads off the 7PM Council Night.  

The first segment will feature a presentation from Tom Kertes, representing People for Public Infrastructure. Some of their concerns related to the BC Bid proposal were outlined earlier this month when they made their request to the City for an opportunity to present.

The organization, having had a chance to review a report for Council on the topic (see below) has added a number of questions and concerns towards their view of the city's proposal.

Following the presentation, Council will receive that report from the City's Operations Director Richard Pucci, the three page memorandum one which outlines the scope of the plans and what decisions Council may have to make towards how they resolve the city's infrastructure issues.

The document can be reviewed below:

The report from Mr. Pucci, makes for the first public mention of the proposed shift in the way the city may approach its infrastructure and it does leave a range of questions to still be asked whether by Council, or others in the community.

In some follow up notes over the weekend the community group provided for a volume of background material related to their concerns which can be reviewed here.

Those tuning in to the Live stream of tonight's council session may learn more about what's proposed from the discussion of the night. 

More notes related to this evening's Council session can be explored through our Council Preview.


  1. There was just a civic election. The city is proposing drastic changes to the way this city runs. Once committed to this process it is very expense to back out.

    Something like this should have been presented to the taxpayer prior to the election giving the taxpayers a chance to vote on the proposal last month.

    Four years ago, the city right after the election put the tap on council for $10 million so we could generate power from the dam rehabilitation. That should have gone to a vote also. The city engineering department's record right now on job costing and completion leaves a lot to be desired!

    1. The city should be submitting at least cost estimates of one option vs. another. This just because we said so has no place in a submission to council.