Wednesday, November 30, 2022

CHSS celebrates impressive work of Ts'msyen carver and Artist Russell Mather

An impressive piece of art and learning for CHSS with the reveal of
the new 360 degree Pole for the secondary school
(Photo from SD52)

The Prince Rupert School District and Charles Hays Secondary students, staff and administrators are celebrating the latest work of renowned Ts'msyen artist and carver Russell Mather, that with the unveiling of a 360 degree pole at the Prince Rupert campus of the city's secondary school.

The School District shared word of the remarkable work of art and history through their Social Media Feed, which includes a volume of photos that bring the piece to life for those in the community.

Located in the CHSS Learning Commons the pole makes for a striking presence and one that the School District notes brought much in the way of collaboration, patience  and dedication into the historic piece.

The Truth and Reconciliation Pole project dates back to 2019 when it began to take shape, a process that brought staff, students and the community together as part of the shared experience.

The unveiling ceremony was recorded as part of the School District presentation and has been shared through their Facebook stream today.

It's not the first artwork that the talented carver and artist has delivered to CHSS, Mr. Mather's work can also be seen in the panels on display at the entrance to the school

The City of Prince Rupert noted of the special event at CHSS on Tuesday, providing their own salute to the work of the talented Artist. 

Mr. Mather worked with the City and Tourism Prince Rupert on the creation of the new City of Prince Rupert signs which are in the process of being installed at the two entrances to the community. 

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