Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Council members show enthusiasm for new look for signage for Tourism in Prince Rupert

Ceilidh Marlow, the Executive Director at Tourism Prince Rupert provided
for the public debut for new information signage for the community

The City's council members found much to like from a presentation by Tourism Prince Rupert, with those in attendance at the Monday session  providing a fair bit of praise, along with a few suggestions towards the bold new look that is envisioned by the local tourism society.

The way forward for Wayfinding and community singage began with a presentation from Ceilidh Marlow, the Executive Director for Tourism Prince Rupert, who outlined the project in a fifteen minute slideshow review.

Ms. Marlow took the council members and through an extensive overview of Tourism Prince Rupert's plans for new signage for the community.

To open her presentation  she provided a short introduction to the Organization and its work in the community and explained how the new signage program has been funed and what the organization hopes to realize with its program to replace outdated signage and to take advantage of the work of some of the local artistic talent in the community.

She observed how the new wayfinding and marketing plan will embrace the Rupert 2030 vision program. 

Samples of the concept signs for entrance ways to Prince Rupert

Towards the new elements, will be two new Welcome to Prince Rupert signs at either approach to the community on Highway 16 and the BC Ferries terminal.

They will feature a bold new look with a significant contribution from artist Russel Mather, the new signs will also include a Welcome in the Sm'álgyax language. 

Ms. Marlow provided 4 concepts up for consideration using the same theme but in different presentations.

The wayfinding signs will be placed in specific areas around the community to help tourists find areas of the community and its districts as identified in the 2030 Vision program. Four different artists have been assigned one of the districts to create the new visual look. 

Those artists include Chris Fraser, Roddy Tasaka, Lucy Trimble, and Kristen McKay. 

Wayfinding signs for four of the city's districts

All of the concepts are now available for comments and observations through the Tourism Prince Rupert website, with the period for commentary to come to an end on April 18th

The process will move forward to fabrication into August and installation across the city by the end of the year.

Council members followed up on her presentation with a few comments, Councillor Randhawa asked about the comment process and how the public can participate, along with a suggestion to have feedback forms available at the Library for residents who may not have internet access.

Councillor Adey expressed his enthusiasm for the project and noted of the Indigenous elements to be included, he asked if there would be any other outreach programs towards the initiative.

"It's pretty exciting to see a lot of this stuff assume some continuity which I think is important, I'm really happy to see the Indigenous element on the welcoming sign and so on as well"

The Tourism Prince Rupert official noted of their plans to shared word with the media and make use of their social media network of options and email list to get the word out about the initiative.

Councillor Cunningham observed of some areas that had not been included.

"I just noticed on your signage in town, there's a lack of it going down towards Seal Cove with the new walking park and everything and I think that might be something that people would like to ... especially the seaplanes and stuff like that down there,  it's sort of an attraction  and I notice that they just sort of stop"

Ms. Marlow noted that the funding was limited to the areas outlined on the night, with Seal Cove an area to be addressed as the program moves forward in phases.

"This project we only have funding really to do the downtown and Cow Bay Area, but one of the other outputs of this project is we are hopeful, are hoping to do a larger community wide strategy with future phases ... as we can raise more funds over the years we can do other areas of the community and Seal Cove I think would be on the list for sure"

In response to a follow up suggestion from Councillor Cunningham on walking trails in the city. 

The Tourism Prince Rupert Executive also highlighted some of the new materials and brochures that will be made available through the Visitors Centre, one of which includes material and a map related to the trail network in the community, along with some material on local dining, as well as a self walking tour of the community.

Councillor Skelton-Morven offered his enthusiasm for the branding concepts, offering his thoughts on what he might like to see for the Welcome Signs.

Councillor Niesh also offered some input into what the new Welcome signs might look like.

"I've always found that our sign currently coming into town is very, very basic and it doesn't you know really highlight much and when you go to a lot other communities and you look at their signs, you know there's lots to look at and I feel that this is our opportunity ... this is the time do it"

Councillor Mirau noted that they had captured what the city was looking for in the 2030 vision and asked that Tourism Prince Rupert share their feedback with the city at the end of their consultation.

"From my perspective, you've captured exactly what we've been hoping to see. The alignment with Vision 2030, the integration with Will Creative and Russell Mather. 

I don't really want interject too many of my comments, cause most people know where I stand on the potency of the Rainbow symbolism and metaphor and everything else. 

So I am really keen, if you wouldn't mind sharing the results from your public engagement back with Council so we can get a sense of you know of the flavour of public opinion on these concepts that you've presented.

They're all definitely in alignment with where we're headed" -- Councillor Mirau with his thoughts on the new singage project for Tourism Prince Rupert.

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