Thursday, March 24, 2022

Council video from March 14th gains placement on City's Archive page

Ten days after they hosted their opening Council session for the month of March, the chronicles of the work of the City council members have finally made it to their archival home on the City's YouTube page.

As we noted last Friday, the accounts of their expansive discussions on a range of themes had gone MIA for much of the week, with little in the way of explanation from the city as to its absence.

However, a quick check of the archive page this morning provided the welcome addition of the March 14th Council session to the listings, with the account of the session listed as of March 23rd.

There so far has been no explanation as to why there was a ten day gap in between the live session of the 14th and its eventual listing yesterday.

The archived version will be of some significant value to residents and Council watchers, with a session that featured a number of topics, including the first presentation of the Financial plan and Budget for 2022 by the City's Chief Financial Officer.

That was not the only item of some note on the evening, with such themes as the city's work on a Business regulation bylaw towards housing in the community, part of their work on Renoviction issues

As well, the council members heard of plans for additional staff for the Fire Department, an update on some ongoing projects, a plan to move public works into the old MacCarthy GM building, as well as and exchange of thoughts on bylaw enforcement.

You can catch up on those themes and hear from the Council members through our Council Session Review.

More items of note from Prince Rupert Council can be found through our Discussion archive.

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