Sunday, March 20, 2022

Blog Watching: Week ending March, 20, 2022

Monday's Prince Rupert City Council Session provided for a fair bit of news this week, and while the video archive has yet to be posted to the City's YouTube showcase as of yet, if the interest in our notes from Monday are an indication,  the account of Monday may become one of the more popular of the archive items should it ever make it there.

The session featured a wide range of items of note, from a Budget presentation from the City's Chief Financial Officer charting the city's financial planning for the year ahead, to the near completion of a City Bylaw to address some of the rental housing concerns for tenants in the community.

Also making for some lively discussion from Monday was a look at how some of the Council members views bylaw enforcement at the moment, while a review of some of the major projects taken on by Council noted of some success for a few, a few setbacks for others.

Of the five items for review, only one did not come out of the Monday Session, that a welcome announcement for the School District of some funding for a number of projects at four of the city's publics schools.

However, by far the item that attracted the most attention was the course of discussion on civic bylaw enforcement in the city..

Prince Rupert's Bylaw enforcement Blues -- A portion of Monday evenings Council discussion on the rental bylaw plans expanded somewhat, providing somewhat of a glimpse into the state of bylaw enforcement in the city.    (posted  March 18  , 2022)

That article was followed by: 
One more delay for Woodworth Dam completion target  -- As part of a review of some of the city's major projects, the City's Operations Director Richard Pucci noted for Council that there will be a on month delay for the previously anticipated completion of the Woodworth Dam, with the end of May now the target  (posted  March 16, 2022)
City's new business Regulations Bylaw on rental housing will be a complaint drive process -- Bylaw which started as part of the council concern over Renovations in the city has almost reached the finish, that after an extensive discussion on Monday evening.   (posted March 17, 2022)  .  

City's CFO Corinne Bomben charts a path towards a proposed 3.63 percent tax increase for 2022 -- The first look at what the city's financial office has recommended for the City Budget for 2022 was revealed on Monday evening, starting off a one month consultation period for the public to examine and comment.  (posted March 16 , 2022)
SD52 to receive $1.5 million from province towards capital projects -- Four schools in Prince Rupert will share in one and half million dollars in funding towards some capital projects. (posted March 17 , 2022)

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