Sunday, March 27, 2022

Blog Watching: Week ending, March 27, 2022

A range of announcements from City Hall dominated much of the news flow for the week, much of it coming from the use of the City's financial instrument known as Legacy Inc.

Among some of the items of note for the week was an announcement to use Legacy, if approved,  to distribute a large volume of property lots for development, with housing options available for an area off of Alpine Drive in the West, to 11th Avenue in the East, with a segment of land off of Shawatlans Road a possibility for future light industrial development in the years ahead.

The Legacy money also has contributed to a plan to lease the old MaCarthy GM facility on Portage Road for use as the new home for Public works,  the five year lease one which also comes with an option to purchase.

With all financial roads seemingly pointing towards the Legacy Fund, the city also provided a background information item to trace a bit of the history of the fund and how it was created, as well as to some select areas in which it has been used in the past and towards the current plans.

All the talk of land development came this week as a report from British Columbia's chartered accountants took note of the most recent volume of new home construction in the two largest communities of the northwest, the findings providing a result where Terrace is currently outpacing Prince Rupert in new builds by a very large margin.

The week also featured the announcement of a new General Manager for the Lester Centre, with Chris Armstrong to takeover the facility from current GM John Roper in April, Mr. Roper is leaving his position to return to his home in Fort Nelson.

However, by far the item that attracted the most attention was our look at the city's plans to move public works to their newly leased facility on Portage Avenue.

Just C'mon Down to Lee and Richard's City Truck, Public Works Emporium! -- The city has filled in some of the details from an announcement at the March 14th budget presentation, outlining the scope of their plans to move into the Old MacCarthy GM facility on Portage Avenue.  (posted  March  25, 2022)

That article was followed by: 
Land and lots of it ... City of Prince Rupert outlines plans to make property lots available through Legacy Inc.  --  With an eye on an expanding economy in Prince Rupert projected for the years ahead, the City has announced plans to release a large number of parcels of land for development of Housing and Light Industrial use (posted  March 24, 2022)
City provides a brief glimpse into Legacy Inc. workings and how they make use of dividends from it -- It's a financial instrument that has been around since 2014 and has made for some of the funding for a range of projects and initiatives, including some of the Budget items for 2022. As part of their notes on the use of Legacy Inc., for the distribution of land parcels, the city provided a short tutorial on Legacy.   (posted March 25, 2022)  .  

Chris Armstrong to take over GM duties at the Lester Centre --  The Board of the Lester Centre will turn to a familiar face in the arts and literary scene in the city, announcing the appointment of Chris Armstrong to the post of General Manager of the Arts Facility.  (posted March 21, 2022)
Terrace outpaces Prince Rupert in new home construction in recent information report from Chartered Accountants -- The City of Prince Rupert has hopes for a more bountiful supply of homes for the future, but in the present, home builders in Terrace are outpacing those in Prince Rupert by a very large margin.  (posted March 21, 2022)

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