Monday, March 21, 2022

Northland Cruise Terminal Pilings to get refurbishment this Spring

Some refurbishment is ahead for the Northland Cruise Terminal
in Prince Rupert with call for proponents for work this Spring
(image from PRPA BC Bid page)

The Prince Rupert Port Authority has some repair work on the horizon for the Northland Cruise Ship Terminal piles, posting a call for contractor proponents to the BC Bid website last week.

The Scope of the project provides a look at what the PRPA is anticipating towards the project.

This project is focussed on pile repairs to the mooring dolphins at the Northland Cruise Terminal. Recent inspections completed have identified corrosion and other defects present on various dolphin piles, at different depths. 

Comprehensive repair works are planned, based on repair drawings and specifications that have been prepared. Completion of the repair work will generally include steel pile repairs with pile wrappings, underwater epoxy applications, and to supply and install sacrificial anodes as part of a cathodic protection upgrade.

The Key elements of the project include:

Background information from the RFP by the PRPA
(click to enlarge)

Among some of the focus for the work, is some guidance on how the work site should function,  with an advisory that the successful contractor should seek out local labour towards the work, with an additional note to endeavour to maximize employment for members of a Tsimshian First Nations Band.

The place of the Work is an "open site" where both unionized and non-unionized labour may be employed at the same time, and Owner reserves the right to award separate contracts in connection with other parts of the project to other contractors and to perform work with its own forces. Such other contractors or Owner's own forces or both are or may become unionized or non-unionized. Any disruptions or delays caused by industrial relations disputes including jurisdictional disputes involving union, non-union workers or both shall be the responsibility of Contractor. 

Contractor will and will cause its subcontractors to, in the performance of the Work, endeavor to optimize or maximize employment for persons who are members of a Tsimshian First Nations Band to perform the required labour to the extent they are qualified, available and willing to be employed by the Contractor or its subcontractors.

The timeline for the project would see the project substantially completed by May 27th with the total Completion Date set for June 17. 

The successful contractor will also be expected to work around Cruise ship operations that may be in that period of time.

You can review the full overview of the project from the BC Bid website.

More notes on the Prince Rupert Port Authority can be explored from our archive page.

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