Monday, March 28, 2022

Some Rooms with a View

It's a little easier to see the full view of the Digby Tower 
these days with some land clearing taking place recently

Work continues on the Digby Tower, with the worksite a beehive of activity as the east side residential tower, the second tallest building in the city,  continues to take its renewed life after a long period of being boarded up and venturing into potential eyesore material.

Those watching the transformation of the building over the last year, can see the new look a little bit clearer now as well, with the McBride Street side of the building being opened up with some urban forestry over the last few weeks.

The building was purchased in 2020 by a Victoria property developer for 1.5 Million dollars, it featured 20 bachelor and 40 one bedroom units at the time of the sale. All were vacant and the building closed and requiring significant upgrade

So far there is no indication as to when the residential tower will be available for potential tenants, or how much it's going to cost to get some of those rooms with a view.

A look back at the progress can be reviewed below:

September 2021 -- A Digby Tower Reveal
April 6 2021 -- Renovation Wrap around
February 1 2021 -- Work on Digby Tower a potential sign of some relief for the city's housing crunch; that as City Council makes note of housing as a priority for 2021

More notes on housing in Prince Rupert can be reviewed here.

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