Wednesday, March 16, 2022

City's Memorial plaque program remains on pause, as staff consider options

Those looking to purchase memorial plaques to commemorate their loved ones for the community wall area in Mariner's Park will have to hold on a bit longer. 

That after city staff revealed on Monday night that the popular program is currently on a pause.

The topic came up as part of the wrap up to Monday's City Council Session, the issue raised by Councillor Barry Cunningham.

"One thing that was brought to my attention today was that people could no longer by memorial plaques for the wall down at Mariner's Park from the City and I just wanted to know if that's a new policy we've got. Because you used to be able to come in and get a memorial plaque to put up on the Wall and people are wondering what's happening with that"

The City's Corporate Administrator Rosa Miller provided an update on the situation for Council.

"The program hasn't ended, there's just some review being undertaken of the program but people are welcome to call and we'll add their name to a list and we can see how that goes and how the plaques go and we'll continue to work our way down the list"

In a follow up question towards the issue from the Mayor, Ms. Miller noted that the situation involves "a lack of space and the city needs to determine where they can put the plaques next"

Some background on both the Mariner's Park and Rotary Waterfront Park Memorial walls can be reviewed below:

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To contact the city on the topic call 250-627-1781

The City has yet to post the video of Monday's Council session, once they do, we'll provide a video presentation to highlight the discussion on the plaques.

Update: Video was posted to the City website on March 23rd. The discussion on the Plaques took place around the 1 hour thirty one minute mark.

For more notes on Monday's Council session see our Council Timeline Feature here.

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  1. If you can't buy a plaque to be installed I would call that more then under review. Much like the dump being closed for a couple of years for building demolition materials.
    Now the city has run us out of space for wall plaques, some of this stuff can be forecast and planned ahead prior to shutting down a program.