Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Nisga'a Lisims Government puts pause on Gift Disbursement, Executive meets this week

There will be what no doubt is hoped to be a short pause ahead, for the seven percent of Nisga'a Citizens yet to received their Nisga'a Nation Gift allocation, with the Nisga'a Lisims Government noting of a need to conduct a reconciliation process to clear up some questions on unpaid allocations.

In a message to its members NLG officials highlighted the key element of their review, which came out of a March 14th extraordinary meeting of the Executive

NLG is currently working with each Nisga'a Village and Nisga'a Urban Local offices to produce reconciliation reports which will include the return of unpaid gift allocations to NLG that were not claimed or were returned to a Nisga'a Village or Nisga'a Urban Local as a result of unknown addresses, or cheques simply not picked up at the time of distribution. 

The reconciliation process will also ensure some anomalies that may have occurred are corrected. 

These anomalies include potential duplication of payment to some individuals between two allocation sites and citizens with no known address in the NLG database. 

Nisga'a Lisims Government endeavours to complete the reconciliation review carefully at its earliest convenience and will establish direct communication with those citizens impacted. Once the reconciliation is complete, NLG will administer payments to the remaining 7% of citizens who have not yet received the one-time gift, subject to any valid third party claims to payments.

Of note from their update for members of this week, is the need for Nisga'a Nation members to keep their records with officials up to date, you can learn more about how to do that through their information release 

93 percent of Nisga'a Citizens have received their gift distribution, no timeline has been outlined as to when officials anticipate completing their review.

"We acknowledge the tireless efforts of NLG, Nisga'a Village and Nisga'a Urban Local administrative staff who worked within a very tight timeframe to distribute the gift in the month of December. We are very happy that they managed to effectively distribute the gift to 93% of our registered Nisga'a citizens. -- President Eva Clayton. 

Updates on the program can be found through the NLG website and Facebook page

The Nisga'a Lisims Government Executive is hosting four days of meetings this week, details on those sessions can be explored here.

More notes on items of interest from Nisga'a Nation can be reviewed through our archive page here.

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