Tuesday, March 29, 2022

University of Calgary initiative for Canadian Northern Corridor seeks input from Prince Rupert area residents, First Nations communities

A program led by the University of Calgary  School of Public Policy exploring infrastructure corridors throughout Canada is hosting a Zoom participation forum on Wednesday for resident of Prince Rupert and surrounding First Nation communities.

The focus for the Public Policy School is the creation of the Canadian Northern Corridor concept, that of a network of trade and transportation pathways connecting communities and development projects from north to south and coast to coast.

The initiative one described as a new approach to large-scale infrastructure and planning

The concept of the Canadian Northern Corridor is explained in detail here.

The work of the University of Calgary towards it to date can be reviewed here.

An overview of the program with links to more research and information pieces is available here.

The wide ranging program on the development of a Canadian Northern Corridor is looking to hear from the North Coast participants on how such an initiative may impact on the region.  

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In addition to the Zoom forum, residents of the North Coast can join in on a number of discussion forums on the themes to share observations, concerns or whatever they believe may be important to the conversation. 

You can learn more about the Prince Rupert focus and participate further from the Prince Rupert Community page here.

The research program is a long running project first launched in 2019 and anticipated to continue through 2024. 

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