Wednesday, March 16, 2022

One more delay for Woodworth Dam completion target

The hopeful celebration of the completion of the Woodworth Dam will have to wait for an additional month, with the City's Director of Operations Richard Pucci making note of some further delays to the project.

Mr. Pucci added of the need to extend the completion date timeframe in the final moments of his presentation on ongoing projects for City Council at Monday evening's Council session.

"The Woodworth Dam is still 90 percent complete, we've had a couple of setbacks in the last little while, some of the excavation and some other delays set us back a little bit.  So we are now projecting the end of May for completion, unfortunately but we can't help that due to these delays that came forward"

As for the other items on his Monthly project report, Mr Pucci checked off a number of items on the works underway or completed. 

Of note from his list was the completion of the Eat Street project which recently opened.

"Eat Street is now 100 percent complete, the 24 hour washroom is now open and we have one of the Food Trucks on site now operating"

The Director of Operations also noted that the Landfill cell is 100 percent complete and is now awaiting for approval from the Ministry.

He also shared some notes on the City's recycling program,

"The Recycling program is 100 percent complete, we just completed our first audit and we are very pleased to report that we only have 3.7 percent of contamination, which is great work as we've never put on this type of program before. Our target was three percent, so we'r just over the target and we think we can tighten that up with no issues"

 Mr. also Pucci had a short update on the nature of the city's plans at the Rotary Park Waterfront area.

"The Waterfront project is fifteen percent complete. We have completed several milestones and we are working on what's called the PDA, for the Development Agreement moving forward for this project"

Only one council member had questions for the Operations Director, with Councillor Cunningham making note of some concerns of residents of the Omenica area towards the city's wastewater pilot project in that area, towards those concerns, he advised them to contact his office or that of Hans Seidemann who is the project lead for the Omenica project.

The full overview of the Monthly update items and their progress can be reviewed from the chart below:

The full scope of his report for Council can be reviewed from the Agenda Package.

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The City of Prince Rupert has not as of yet, provided for a video presentation of Monday's Council session, as they do, we will include it as part of this piece for access to Mr. Pucci's verbal presentation to Council.

Update: Video was posted to the City's Archive on March 23rd. Mr. Pucci delivered his report at the thirty nine minute mark.

More notes on Monday's Council Session can be reviewed from our Council Timeline Feature.


  1. i get how weather delays concrete pouring and how supply chains are messed up and causing delays. but what's a v-notch excavation?

  2. How can the City call the new land fill location 100% complete if is not permitted for use. If a contractor builds a house it is not considered complete until an occupancy permit is issued.

    Mr. Pucci is not giving a true picture with the 100% number.