Monday, March 28, 2022

Wheelhouse Patio Planning up for support at City Council tonight

Prince Rupert's Wheelhouse Brewing Company
is looking to make their temporary patio a
permanent fixture for this year with the 
British Columbia Liquor and Cannabis Board

With the hint of spring (and summer to follow) in the air over the weekend, the prospect of settling in for some comradeship and a brew in the outdoors is not too far off and tonight Prince Rupert City Council will review a report on some planning from the one of the city's local beverage houses.

Council will review a report from Corporate Administrator Rosa Miler which will outline the background of an application by the Wheelhouse Brewing Company to the BC Liquor and Cannabis Board, to make their temporary patio facility created during times of the COVID pandemic a permanent feature for their location on the ridge above the Atlin Terminal.

The Wheelhouse Brewing Company Patio
(from the Wheelhouse FB page)

The report which is a request for support for the initiative was included as part of the Agenda for this evening's session.

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And while they note that the patio plan is to be permanent, it most likely is but a temporary thing, with the Wheelhouse set to be the marquee tenant in the City's plans for the CN Waterfront building.

The City's waterfront initiative of the CN building
renovation work continues moving forward 

The most recent notes related to the project had Mayor Lee Brain observing how the Wheel House Brewing Company would be in place as the key tenant by the end of this year. 

This August 2021 preview of the work ahead offers up a glimpse at what the finished project will look like including an open air portion of the structure for outdoor socializing.

You can review some background on the City led project at Waterfront park from our achieve page here.

Notes on the city's commercial sector can be reviewed here.

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