Monday, March 14, 2022

Province to boost minimum wage to $15.65 per hour as of June 1st

Note on rise of min wage
from BC Gov't
The lowest paid workers in British Columbia will be getting a pay increase in June, with the Province of British Columbia announcing  raise in the provincial minimum wage, currently marked at $15.20 an hour.

As of the start of June that will rise by 45 cents, to $15.65, the increase then to be tied to the rate of inflation in British Columbia which is the highest in Canada. 

This year’s rate is 2.8% and was calculated from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2021. The province's plan is consistent with the approach taken in other jurisdictions where minimum wage is tied to inflation.  

"B.C. had one of the lowest minimum wages in the country prior to 2017, but was one of the most expensive places to live. We do not want our lowest-paid workers to fall behind. The minimum wage increases tied to inflation are part of our plan to build an economy that works for everyone.” -- Harry Bains, Minister of Labour

A look at some of the other increases towards a range of occupations and that of the agricultural sector can be reviewed as part of today's information release.

Today's press conference to introduce the new minimum wage can be viewed below:

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