Friday, March 18, 2022

Planning underway towards assistance for any Ukrainian war refugees coming to the North Coast

Prince Rupert's former Presbyterian Church on 4th Ave East
will serve as the launchpad next week  for local efforts in
aid of potential Ukrainian refugee relocation to the North Coast

As the Russian military continues to wage Vladimir Putin's war on Ukraine,  media reports have continued to highlight the growing refugee situation as mostly, the elderly, women and children make their way away from the Russian attack to safer refuge in neighbouring counties.

The prospect of an extended stay away from their homes is now providing for planning for nations around the world to accept those looking for safety, with Premier Horgan just last week noting of some efforts underway in British Columbia.

This week, a social media post on Facebook has highlighted some of the work in motion on the North Coast with a group of residents set to get together to provide assistance to any Ukrainian residents that may arrive in the Prince Rupert area.

John Farrell, who was part of the Rupert Syrian Relief program locally a few years ago, has posted a notice through his Social media feed that outlines how the local project in aid of Ukraine is coming together.

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So far, they don't appear to have any form of a Social media presence in place towards sharing information and keeping potential helpers up to speed on events.

That all could change by next week following their introductory session on March 23rd at the former Presbyterian Church on 4th Avenue East at 6:30 PM

We will keep an eye out for more information on their efforts as they update their plans.

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