Friday, November 18, 2022

Tourism Prince Rupert signage program picking up speed

The Base is in place at the Park Avenue end of Highway 16 ready to be the
support for the New Welcome to Prince Rupert sign on the west side of the city

Travellers along Highway 16 at both entry points to the city will have noticed some preparation work for a Tourism Prince Rupert initiative that will see some new Welcome to Prince Rupert signage in place, with work underway towards installation of the new greeting places.

The two points of reference for the new sings are at Butze Rapids to the east and just up the road from the BC Ferries terminal to the west.

A recent update from Tourism Prince Rupert provided the timeline towards that project, as well as to the launch of the Wayfinding signs around the city.

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The preparation work for those wayfaring signs can be seen around town a few of those spots noted below:

Wayfinding preparation work at Kwinitsa station (top)
and Mariner's Park (bottom)

The background towards the new Welcome Signs and the way finding project was provided for the public at a March Council Session when Tourism Prince Rupert's Ceilidh Marlow, Executive Director shared some of the features towards the initiative.

More notes on Tourism Prince Rupert themes can be reviewed through our archive page.

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