Thursday, November 17, 2022

DP World seeking approval of plans for northbound expansion towards Commercial floats at Fairview

Change appears on the horizon for the Fairview Floats
area north of the DP World Fairview Terminal facility

The plan to move forward with an expansion plan to the north of the Existing DP World Container Terminal is up for approval, the somewhat contentious project was on which we first noted of back in May of this year.

The latest notes on the topic come from the International group which operates the Shipping Terminal which is advising of its quest for approval through a public notice.

In their update dated today, DP World outlined the scope of their plan moving forward.

From their advisory this week the work would see the following elements involved: 

Extension and reconfiguration of the floats at the northern portion of the Fairview Small Craft harbour

Reconfiguration of the floats at the southern portion of the Fairview Small Craft harbour

Expansion of DP World Prince Rupert at Fairview Terminal by means of rock infill

The area of note for the work as was noted in the spring will be from the northern portion of the Small Craft Harbour south of the Digby Island Ferry Terminal to the souther portion that is currently immediately north of DP World's Fairview Terminal. 

As part of the documentation with Transport Canada, a diagram of what the new float arrangement would look like is available for review.

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The timeline towards the work would see the project start in the first week of 2023, with the project to take over two years to complete, with an anticipated end of construction date of August 4th 2025.

There is a comment period available towards marine navigation elements towards the plans, with the deadline to contribution to the discussion set for December 17th

You can review all of the documentation and submit any comments through the Government of Canada website here,  using Project number 6407 to access the file and comment forum.

As well you can submit written comments to Transport Canada in Vancouver that office is located at:

#820-800 Burred Street
Vancouver BC
V6Z 2J8

The DP World notice advises that comments will be considered only if they are received in writing either by mail or electronically by the deadline date. Adding that while all comments conforming to the notice will be considered, no individual responses will be sent.

The plans towards the northbound expansion have made for some controversy in the community, especially among members of the commercial fishing fleet which use the Fairview docks.  

It has been an issue that both North Coast Regional District and Prince Rupert City Council took note of earlier this year.

Those notes and more on the DP World plans can be explored through our archive page.


  1. Has DP world ever packed groceries to a fish boat. Where is my parking to provision my boat?

  2. I work on a dive boat that ties up at fv 2. Since Dp world started the expansion they removed the old cannery and parking that went along with it. Fisherman need places to tie boats up as well as parking for trucks. The new expansion plans will leave the new docks open to most winds.I realize Dp world is important to our city but they have 2 miles to fill in on the other side of the container port.