Friday, July 1, 2022

State of the City 2022 Archived Items


Our archive of the June 28th State of the City Presentation for 2022 at the Lester Centre,  delivered by Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain.

Below we provide our overview of the Presentation, along with a breakdown of many of the elements of the Mayor's two hour review of the last eight years of City Council work, along with the progress for the vision plan from 2019.

Leaving the blueprints in the office the the next Mayor: Lee Brain's State of the City Presentation


Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Emergency Services Facilities 

Public Works Facility

Roads Infrastructure

Housing Development

Airport Ferry/Airport 

Landfill Expansion

Child Care Challenges

Vision Planning 

GatewayDistrict Project

Marina District

Waterfront District

Seal Cove Salt Marsh

Mid Town District

Physical Revitalization/Downtown road reconfiguration  

State of the City: Some Facts, Some Fund Themes ... Some omissions from the narrative

Prince Rupert Port Authority gently pushes back a bit on Mayor's financial narrative from State of the City Presentation 

North Coast Review archives for further reference on the above 

Mayor Projects and Infrastructure 

Civic Operations 

Waterfront Development, Recreational Commercial lands

Redesign Rupert/Sustainable City/ Civic Planning 

Budget Planning

Legacy Corporation


City Council Discussion topics


Northwest Media notes on the State of the City Presentation

Prince Rupert Deficit (video)

$600 million infrastructure deficit - Prince Rupert needs cash

Prince Rupert and Port Edward come to agreement to solve four decades of disputes

Prince Rupert State of the City (audio)

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