Monday, July 25, 2022

Twin Cruise ship stops set to deliver close to 5,000 visitors to Prince Rupert Tuesday

Prince Rupert is almost a home port for the Ruby Princess this summer, the 
vessel makes another return to the Northland Cruise Terminal on Tuesday

The stars seem to be aligning for a fair weather day for what will be one of the busiest days of the 2022 Cruise ship season for Prince Rupert, with Sun in the forecast for the arrival of the Ruby Princess and Seabourn Odyssey tomorrow morning at 8AM.

The  larger of the two vessels, Ruby Princess gets the berth at the Northland Cruise Terminal, while the Seabourn Odyssey will be at anchorage and ferrying its passengers ashore. 

And while they surely won't all come ashore, the two vessels combined have capacity for close to 5,000 potential visitors and crew members something that could make for a fairly congested part of the Cow Bay Area.

The Port advising of such with a Social Media message towards tomorrows port call.

The forecast for Sun, will make for a welcome shift from our wet summer of late and will help to provide for the warm welcome that the Cruise ambassadors offer to visitors as they come ashore tomorrow.

Prince Rupert's Northland Terminal and Cow Bay Area won't see such a volume of potential visitors again until September when two large vessels arrive on September 23rd with the Nieuw Amsterdam and Grand Princess both scheduled for call.

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