Friday, July 22, 2022

City of Prince Rupert issues Parking reminders for visitors and residents alike

One of the parking Kiosks leading to Rushbrook Floats, the
one above on George Hills Way

With an increase in volume of traffic this summer in the community the City of Prince Rupert has taken a moment to go over the rules on parking for us, posting an advisory to their Social Media page on Thursday.

Their notes providing a guide as to how they plan to enforce parking regulations and what the process is for motorists, particularly in the congested Rushbrook Floats area.

Rules for Parking as found in the Rushbrook Floats area

As part of their Thursday update and perhaps to head off any diversion from their theme, the City noted of some of the other work that the Bylaw enforcement team will be taking on as well. 

And we know, there are other bylaw issues that need addressing in Rupert - we are on it! We have fairly recently added capacity to our Bylaw Department and they are hard at work addressing things like unsightly properties that we know the community cares about. -- From the City of Prince Rupert notice of Thursday

As it is, their Social Media message has become a bit of a focus group on parking concerns in the community.

A few thoughts on Parking for City Hall from
the followers of the City of PR Facebook page

More notes on Civic themes can be explored through our archive page.

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  1. This is the City of Prince Rupert. There is very little bylaw enforcement in many areas of the community. Most cities people respect the rules because bylaws are enforced. This community they just go through the motions.