Thursday, July 14, 2022

Stikine MLA Nathan Cullen expands on decision against BC NDP Leadership run

Stikine MLA and Minister of Municipal Affairs Nathan Cullen
took reporters through the steps he considered towards a
potential leadership bid for the BC NDP. That before deciding against
making a run for the job at this time

The news from earlier this week that Nathan Cullen won't be taking a run for the leadership of the NDP made for some interest as part of the Wednesday announcement on the Daajing Giids name change

With a member of the Lower mainland press corp taking advantage of the Q and A period to query the Minister of Municipal Affairs on his decision.

The Vancouver Sun's Katie DeRosa asked Mr. Cullen about his decision and if he had any plans to endorse any other candidates.

In his reply the Minister spoke to the topic, but wishing to keep the focus on the Haida Gwaii announcement.

"I've got a picture of my boys over my shoulder and it's for very good reason, I've got twin soon to be twelve year boys ... I'm now much older today. 

I've hit the mid-century mark which is, what a way to celebrate though, I couldn't think of a better way. 

Not a lot of time to consider this, the leadership race is gonna be ... looks like pretty short late fall, maybe early December.  And it's a big decision, it's you know a six to ten year commitment and as you can see today I've got more than a lot of work to do across the province supporting municipalities, working on immigration and representing Stikine a great big huge riding here in the Northwest.

So I did want to kick the tires on it properly, talk to a lot of people and took a lot of good advice but in the end, felt like this just wasn't the time for me, or my family to take that next step up. 

And to be able to do both those jobs, being a Dad and a husband and a leader of a party and Premier fully, I didn't see how I could do it. Others are able to, I'm maybe of more limited means"

The Q and A with reporters from Wednesday can be reviewed through the video from yesterday's announcement at the seventeen minute mark; the Question for the Stikine MLA on his leadership decision is at the 26 minute mark.

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