Monday, July 18, 2022

If you want to catch a cab in the Prince Rupert Area, you'll need to catch an app for dispatch

Hours of operation for the dispatch centre
for Skeena Taxi will hit and miss the next week or so
as the office deals with some staffing challenges

Social media portals today are filling up with accounts of some challenges for the sole provider of taxi service in the Prince Rupert region, with Skeena Taxi currently facing some staffing issues related to COVID.

The situation as described in a number of accounts notes that the Third Avenue West dispatch office has been impacted by the coronavirus and as such, could be closed for large periods of the next five days.

Towards a partial solution to that situation, Skeena Taxi is directing would be ride hailers to their App program.

Some reports of the entire tax service seemingly out of commission appear wrong, with the Cabs still transiting around the city, though there could be delays in accessing a car as you navigate the app during those periods of time when there are no call takers available at their downtown office.

The Skeena Taxi website (which through its pictorial display perhaps portrays Prince Rupert in somewhat of a more grander view than reality would deliver) does not currently feature any notices related to the situation at the moment.

The online portal does however recommend those who wish to use their service to head to the Google App Store to download the app, the Apple Version (pictured below) is also available

Skeena Taxi is the largest provider of pay for ride service in the community, the days of any competing ride hailing service for the community seemingly still far off.

City Council last explored the topic in 2018, however as we noted two years ago, despite some interest at the time, any Uber like  ride for hire service has yet to be established in the community.

The Skeena Taxi situation comes up at the same time as the City of Prince Rupert is hosting a Transportation survey as part of the "Connect Rupert' Consultation, you can review the project here and take the survey here.

The Deadline for this first consultation is July 29th.

The possibility of a competitive element towards rides for hire could make for a topic for some as part of the conversation.

More transportation themes on the North Coast can be explored through our archive here.

The city's commercial sector themes are available for review here.

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