Friday, July 29, 2022

North Coast the feature for Transport Canada video on environmental protection measures

Tug Boats and Pilots on their way to an approaching vessel
on its appraoch to Prince Rupert Harbour 

A new video from Transport Canada, the Federal agency that watches over Marine traffic to and from the North Coast makes for a good tutorial on the measures in place and the range of agencies which provide coverage of our waters and approaches.

The work of the Coast Guard base in Prince Rupert and the pilots and tugs who board the ships to deliver them to shore is among some of the features of the seven minute overview.

Some the tracking aids that Transport Canada used towards
monitoring vessel traffic in North Coast waters

Much of the focus explores the work on environmental concerns,  marine safety and work with Indigenous communities towards eco-system protection

You can review the Transport Canada presentation here.

The North Coast presentation is part of a series that explores how the Marine environment  on all of Canada's ocean approaches are being protected.

More background on the Federal measures towards protection and enforcement measures can be reviewed here.

More federal themes can be reviewed through our House of Commons archive.

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