Monday, July 18, 2022

And we have contestant number One! Herb Pond announces return to civic politics and quest for Mayoralty

Herb Pond hopes for a return to the mayoralty and
a chance to pick up where current
Mayor Lee Brain has left off, declaring his
candidacy today for the October civic election
(Photo from the Rupert Group website

We appear to have our first entry for our archive for the 2022 Municipal Election campaign, with Herb Pond stepping into the political arena once again, making the rumours of the weekend official with a statement today.

Delivered through his Social Media page, Mr. Pond pays tribute to the work of soon to be former Mayor Brain and departing Councillor Mirau and notes how he relates to the challenges that have faced the city over the last eight years and looks to 'Pick up the Baton".

From Mr. Pond's announcement today

Mr. Pond clearly now looking to follow the blue print left for the community by Mayor Brain, should he find success on October 15th

The full statement can be reviewed below:

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Mr. Pond departed the municipal scene in the fall of 2008 stepping aside in October of that year, that following two terms of office.

In his statement today, he notes of some of his activities since leaving the municipal scene, focusing mostly on family themes and some of his private sector work.

During his hiatus from municipal public life was a period of time which saw him contest a few provincial elections the first in 2009 and 2017, coming up short in those quests for provincial office.

More recently, he formed a consultancy group in the community with Jim Rushton and Bruce Wishart called the The Rupert Group.

We'll keep watch for more on his campaign as he rolls out his vision for the three month election period and if successful the four years that would follow the election.

Our archive of notes on the campaign ahead can be reviewed here.

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