Tuesday, July 19, 2022

North Coast Regional District gets head start on election 2022 preparations with call for Polling Clerks

The BC Local Government elections may be three months away, but for North Coast Regional District the planning is the thing, with the District recently putting out a call for Polling Clerks for the election period this fall.

The electoral areas where they will need polling clerks is outlined as part of the application form, which also requires three references for those interested in taking on the work.

Learn more about the opportunity and submit your application if interested here.

Regional District has also provided a timeline of key dates towards the Regional District electoral positions for the Coastal BC and Haida Gwaii areas. 

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Find out more about the North Coast Regional District process here.

Prince Rupert and Port Edward residents do not vote in the Regional District vote, the posts for those communities are appointed from the elected councils for both communities.

More notes on Decision 2022 can be found from our archive page.

A wider overview of Regional District themes is available here.

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