Thursday, July 28, 2022

Parks and Recreation Review still on the horizon in Prince Rupert

Parks and Recreation spaces could be the next area up for
consultation with the public as the City staff prepare to move
forward on their review plans

One of the many elements for review noted this year by City Council has been plans to explore the current parks and recreation options in the community and look towards the future.

The project was one of many studies that have been taken on by the city in recent months, though as was noted by Councillor Nick Adey on Monday evening, the progress for the Parks and Recreation version has yet to be fully introduced.

"Reflecting on the fact that the City is currently seeking input from the public on Transportation planning and I recall that there was a second area in which the city was going to look for input and that was Parks and Recreation. 

And I know that there are at least two groups that are awaiting that opportunity and will have some input, so Im just wondering where we are with the timing of that"

City planner Myfannwy Pope assured the Councillor that the plan for review is still in motion, noting of the arrival of consultants from Urban Systems and that residents may see some introductions to participate coming up in the next few weeks.

"We do have a consultant. We're working with Urban Systems and that allows us to coordinate with the transportation and asset management plan that we're currently working on.

The process started a bit later that the Transportation, so right now, the consultants are coming up for a day of learning and taking a tour of our parks this week.

And then after that, within the next couple of weeks, I believe we'll be putting out some social media posts and  starting engagement at that time" -- City Planner Myfannwy Pope

In April we took note of the Call for Bids towards the study, which highlighted the scope of what the city plans to explore when it comes to review of existing space and creation of new recreation areas in the community.

Promote access to nature and viewpoints for people of all abilities (including those in wheelchairs, strollers and walkers)

Plan parks and open spaces to serve a variety of users and increase interconnections between different areas of the community

Recognize and celebrate local First Nations' territories and Peoples

Ensure an active or passive park is located within a ten-minute walk of all residences

Support climate change mitigation and biodiversity through providing park infrastructure with a smaller ecological footprint and maintaining "free" ecological services such as carbon sequestration and wetland filtration

Establish a "flagship park" in Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert's recreational facilities are well maintained and attractive

Coordinate parks and recreation planning with the City's Active Transportation Plan currently being developed.

The Bid document was previously introduced in March,  it had outlined some of the other elements that the city is considering, elements such as a new waterfront park, public wharf and expanded trail system to name a few.

The April version added a few amendments to the scope of the project.

As they have in the past, it's likely much of the community engagement on the theme will come through the Rupert Talks portal, which you can review here, which has provided for past commentary on civic themes.

You can follow the city's Social media stream here for updates on the project as it continues to evolve.

The short discussion on Recreation themes can be reviewed through the City's Video Archive at the Two hour six minute mark.

More notes on Monday's Council Session can be explore through our Council Timeline Feature.

Further background on Council Discussion themes is available here.

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