Monday, July 25, 2022

Land Sale marks latest note of progress towards re-opening for Digby Tower on city's east side

Work is almost complete on the Digby Tower 

As work nears completion on the renewal of the second tallest structure in the city, plans for occupancy of the Digby Tower are getting closer and as part of the opening for tenants towards the additional housing stock, the city is planning to sell a small parcel of land to ensure for access to parking for the tower on the east side of the city.

A report for Council from Richard Pucci, the Approving Officer for the City outlines the scope of the land sale, which will be a market value, that will require adjustment of the Road Dedication Bylaw.

The Parcel of land identified as Prince Rupert Boulevard, is located between the Apartment Building and the Parkside Motel.

The Council of the City of Prince Rupert deems that it is in the public interest to open to traffic a dedication of highway comprising of approximately 150.4 square meters on Prince Rupert Boulevard dedicated on Plan EPP120581, which is shown outlined in bold black on the reference plan prepared by McElhanney, on the 25 day of May, 2022, a reduced copy of which is attached hereto (the “Road Dedication Plan”); 

The City intends to open that portion of highway to allow dedicated access to 101 11th Avenue East.

The full report can be reviewed from the Agenda for tonight's Council Session on page 178 .

The 1.5 million dollar redevelopment will return 20 bachelor and 40 one bedroom units to the city's housing scene, a much needed addition to the housing stock for the community.

More notes on tonight's City Council Session can be explored here.

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