Monday, July 18, 2022

Rumblings of Mayoralty, Council interest, but no Declared Candidates yet

The Prince Rumour telegraph is chirping out any number of familiar names these days as to Rupertites who are giving a thought towards a run for municipal office this fall. 

With the list of those contemplating a trot down the campaign trail making for an interesting mix of old and new manes and an unofficial tip sheet that grows by the day.

The talk of the coffee shops and watering holes of the city is filled with familiar names of former Council members, former Mayoralty candidates, business leaders and union reps all part of the mix of note, though none have yet to present any kind of battle flag for the contest ahead.

Today actually marks the official start of the General Local Election pre campaign period, with the rules of engagement for would be candidates explained by Elections BC here.

What we do know so far, is that two current incumbents, Mayor Lee Brain and Councillor Blair Mirau won't be putting their name onto the ballot this fall.

However, what their fellow travellers on Council over the last four years may have in mind, has yet to be disclosed in public.

The Civic Election and that for School Board comes up in just three months with Saturday, October 15th the date for the vote count and the potential for a changing face for both. 

And if the last time and election campaign for Mayor was contested (2014) is any indication, the crop for 2022 is already well behind the introduction timeline that brought the community Lee Brain as Mayor.

It was in June of 2014, that the first indications of a new look for City Hall were presented to the community, when then relatively unknown Mr. Brain used his Social media presence to launch what would, as things turned out, be an eight year period of vision making and change of direction and political focus at 424 Third Avenue West.

That 2014 campaign, pitted the young upstart against the long serving Council Member and Mayor of the time Jack Mussallem, along with two well known community contenders in Tony Briglio and Sheila-Gordon Payne.

The scope of victory in 2014 was impressive and such was the frenetic pace of activity of the first four years of Mr. Brain's term in the corner office at City Hall, that no one took up a challenge to Mr. Brain in 2018, giving him the Mayoralty for another four years by acclamation.

The 2018 Council race saw nine contenders seeking the six council seats, that election saw two newcomers arrive at City Hall, the most noticeable  result from that election an All Male City Council,  the ultimate of North Coast All Boy's Clubs, which could make for one of the key storylines for the vote this fall.

2022 will be likely bring a different look to the campaign, the race for both the Mayor's Chair and Council seats a wide open affair and one, which could make for a ballot full of options, should Prince Rumour's rumblings  prove correct.

Whether any of those considering a run for office declare before summer's end, or wait until September to launch their campaigns will keep the pot on low simmer into August.

And when the candidates are ready, so too will we. 

We have already created space to archive the path to City Hall, all we need are a few names to put in place and away we all will go!


  1. It would be nice to see candidates that have a sense of fiscal responsibility run in the upcoming election.

  2. Yes, because the current guys who cut and froze your taxes almost every year while building a new landfill, water supply and RCMP station just don't to have ....wait....

  3. New landfill late over budget, water supply borrowed from Legacy Fund, over budget what 2 - 3 years late, RCMP building contract award with no plans, I predict as per everything else will be over budget.
    Paving road repair not in any plan just work on emergency repairs. And on and on.........

    1. Can’t wait to see your public election campaign!

  4. Herb Pond has announced he’s running for mayor

  5. Build the Bridge, getter done Herb