Sunday, July 31, 2022

Summer Break from Blogging

As we all celebrate this BC Day weekend, we will be taking opportunity to take a break for this Summer of post COVID rules travel.

As we head out, we take leave of our blogging themes for the next little while, with a return target of somewhere along the lines of mid August or so.

As we take to our travels, we trust everyone will hold off on those Mayoralty, City Council and School District announcements of candidacy,  at least until we return ... wouldn't want to miss anything!!

While we take a break from the delivery of new and original content, feel free to browse our archive pages found as part of our right hand column and catch up on some of the themes you may have missed in recent weeks.

If all goes well and the roads remain clear, we'll be back before the first layer of Blacktop makes its way to McBride Street.

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