Friday, July 15, 2022

Province announces prohibition of Open Fires for Haida Gwaii, Central Coast communities

Those on Haida Gwaii and the Central Coastal areas of British Columbia
have seen Open Fire Prohibitions announced by the BC Gov't this week

New Open Fire measures went into effect today for many areas of the Province of British Columbia, including all of Haida Gwaii and many areas of the Central Coast and points inland

For the moment, the North Coast and communities inland in the Northwest have been spared the list of restrictions that have put in place.

As part of the relay of information North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice providing a tutorial yesterday for her constituents and others in the province that have been impacted by the new rules,  the message delivered through her social media feed.

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The weather may be hot and  the conditions those of potential danger in many parts of British Columbia,.

But as most in our part of the province could attest to, the desire to start any kind of a fire is limited by Mother Nature at the moment, who has provided for ample amounts of precipitation and very unseasonal summer temperatures

And while rules are rules and forest protection should be a priority for all, more than a few of North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice's constituents have made note of our current weather patterns and how any burning plans might be a challenge.

More items of note from the Legislature can be explored from our archive page.

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