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Blog Watching: Week ending July 24, 2022

Municipal politics took the centre stage this week once again, that with the entry of our first candidate for the mayor's office signalling the start of the 2022 election campaign for Prince Rupert.

We started the week with a few notes towards a few indications that the electoral contests were starting to brew, but as of Monday had still not delivered any candidates.

By Monday afternoon that had changed as former two term Mayor, Herb Pond announced his candidacy for a return to the top elected office in the city.

The recent State of the City presentation from Mayor Lee Brain continued to serve as some of the narrative to the news cycle, with a rebuttal towards some of the Mayor's notes on civic financial challenges directed towards the Port, with a letter to the editor of the local newspaper providing for the Port's counter points on the topic.

Over on the provincial scene, David Eby's launch for the leadership of the BC NDP and what would make him the successor to John Horan as BC Premier had a few thoughts of note for Prince Rupert residents. That as Mr. Eby noted of the housing challenges here and how his priority would be to address housing themes should he gain the leadership.

The commercial fishing season saw a large volume of fish come into processing  plants last week and just as quickly the catch from the ocean was on a truck and heading out of town.

And transit users in Prince Rupert and Port Edward now have a new tool towards their ride planning as BC Transit introduced their new Next ride information system to the community.

The top item of the week however provides the first stirrings of political interest in the Fall 2022 Municipal Election, with a familiar name as a first candidate for the mayoralty stepping into the spotlight. 

Rumblings of Mayoralty, Council interest, but no Declared Candidates yet --  As the week began we took stock of the quest for a seat at the table for the next elected Council and as we posted our notes, found the list one still vacant. A situation which had changes slightly by the afternoon's end with word that former Prince Rupert Mayor Herb Pond was set to return to the municipal scene to contest the October Mayoralty race.  (posted  July 18, 2022)

That article was followed by: 
Prince Rupert Port Authority gently pushes back a bit on Mayor's financial narrative from State of the City Presentation -- The account of the City's financial distress from Mayor Lee Brain's State of the City presentation of June gained a few rebuttal notes from the Prince Rupert Port Authority, which submitted a letter to the editor to provide the port's view that the challenges found by Council are not caused by the development in the port industry.   (posted  July  18, 2022)

Prince Rupert's Housing issues makes for short narrative for David Eby's NDP leadership launch  -- Attorney General and Minister of Housing David Eby made things official this week, announcing his decision to seek the leadership of the BC NDP and next Premier of the province. Mr. Eby holding his campaign launch in his home riding in Vancouver, but making a note on housing with some interest for residents of Prince Rupert.   posted July 20 , 2022)

Catch comes in ... Catch ships out. Prince Rupert's Canadian Fish Plant a busy place these last few days -- A stop in the Rusbhrook area this week gave us cause to chronicle some of the frantic action of the loading dock as fish caught in the north began its travels to points east and south from the Canfisco Plant in the city.    (posted July 20 , 2022) .
BC Transit brings 'Next Ride' to Prince Rupert, offering riders more information on service options and timetables -- Residents of Prince Rupert can now keep up with where the bus is, as BC Transit launches their new rider information program for transit users in Prince Rupert and Port Edward     ( posted July 19, 2022)

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