Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Prince Rupert Golf Course to gain support of Council in grant funding request

The Prince Rupert Golf Club has some extensive remediation plans in mind for the city's eighteen hole golf course and to help move them forward they are currently seeking out some additional grant money from the BC Gaming fund.

Towards the initiative, the Golf Club has submitted a request for a letter of Support from the City to help with their application for 250,000 dollars in funding from the BC Gaming capital grant program

The request was a last minute addition to the Monday City Council Agenda, with Corporate Administrator Rosa Miller filling in the details for the Council members.

In her overview for Council Ms. Miller outlined how the Golf Course had recently found success with a grant request with the Prince Rupert Port Authority's Community Investment Fund, though noting in order for that funding to be released  that the Club requires matching funding.

Towards the work that is planned, Ms. Miller provided an overview. 

"The application to the BC Gaming Fund is for one green renovation and the tee box and bunker  restoration activity. Which is the first phase of a larger project, which will eventually include three more green renovations and the restoration to the cart paths

The Club is seeking that Council provide a letter of support for the Prince Rupert Golf Club for their application to the BC Gaming Capital Grant, in support of their revitalization and accessibility project. Expecting the Prince Rupert Golf Club to operate this course at this site for the next ten years"

Following a few comments related to the sport in the community, Council then voted to provide for the requested letter of support to the initiative.

You can take in her overview from the City's video archive starting at the one hour fifty five minute mark.

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