Thursday, July 21, 2022

Where Eagles Rest ... Bounty of Eagles at Rushbrook this week

For locals and tourists alike, if you want to see some Eagles, the place to head for is Rushbrook Floats, particularly on a day when fish is arriving at the nearby Canadian Fish Plant.

This week has seen a bounty of viewing opportunities as the majestic birds swoop over the harbour area, gliding over the diners at Bob's on the Rocks and take a bead on any scraps of fish that may be spotted from the Canadian Fish Dock or the Rushbrook Floats.

The island just off the boat ramp making for one of their favourite resting spots, far enough away from the chatter of those viewing them, but close enough for some great photos.

When it comes to tourism in the city, one of the most often heard requests is "Where can we see some Eagles" ... this week the answer is an easy one 

Just head east down George Hills Way and you'll find them pretty quickly!

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