Monday, July 25, 2022

City's Fire Chief to seek approval for new fire engine for PRFD

The members Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue could be on the way towards delivery of a new fire response vehicle, with the Department's Chief Jeff Beckwith making the case for such with a report for Council's consideration this evening.

The Report notes of the approval of such an acquisition as part of the Five Year plan, but also advises of a slight uptick on the original price noted for a new Fire Engine.

In the 2022 Five Year Financial Plan, Council approved the acquisition of a new fire engine to replace the Department’s reserve pumper (1998 American Lafrance). 

Council had approved $1.0 million to be dedicated for this purchase, but the report noes that the actual build price has now come in higher at $1.23 million.

The cost of the apparatus initially was estimated to be $1.0 million in the 2022 Five Year Financial Plan. Without actually developing a design build, this amount was based on build prices that the fire service experienced across the province for new apparatus in recent years. 

The first design was quoted at $1.19 million (CAN), and now sits at $1.23 million (CAN) due to the exchange rate difference observed over the past four months. The terms of the purchase include a 10% deposit at time of booking, with the balance owed on delivery.

The report provides some additional details towards the Pierce Enforcer frontline engine (see Pierce information sheet here)

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If approved it's anticipated that it will take 25 months from the go ahead to the final delivery of the new unit.

The City has been on an incremental equipment replacement program over the last number of years, with a range of new emergency response vehicles now in residence at the First Avenue West Fire Hall.

More notes on this evening's City Council session can be explored through our Preview here.

A look at some of the work of Emergency Responders across the Northwest can be reviewed here.

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