Friday, July 29, 2022

And the Walls come crumblin' down ... Demolition of Jehovah Witness Hall underway

Seats in the shade were at a premium on the lawn of the Prince Rupert Court House today, as a few residents took some time out of the Sun to watch the demolition process for the Jehovah Witness Hall on Third Avenue East. 

Demolition crews were taking to their work in quick fashion this morning,  clawing away at two sides of the structure, once down the site will be cleared for the next stage of the replacement project for the City's RCMP detachment.

The Third Avenue East side of the Jehovah Witness Hall on Friday morning
as workers took to the demolition work

As part of his State of the City Presentation of June, Mayor Lee Brain had offered up a bit of a history lesson from the city's view related to the lengthy process towards development of the new Detachment, a project which has been on the to do list for over a decade.

The update above  from the City from earlier this year outlined the scope of project and its cost for the work, On June 27th the City approved the Loan Request noted in the advisory following the use of the Alternate Approval Process.

You can trace some of the past civic notes on the RCMP detachment replacement program from our Major Projects Archive page.

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