Thursday, July 14, 2022

The highs and lows of our tides on display today in Prince Rupert

The Northland Cruise Terminal provides a good gauge as to how high
is High for the Tides today in Prince Rupert
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The daily highs and lows of the current North Coast tidal movements are particularly extreme today, with the evidence of the high point currently on display at waterfront locations across the city.

We took a look at a few locations as the afternoon moved towards the 3:27 PM high tide mark, the results of our viewings found below.

CowBay Marina

Rotary Waterfront Park

Rushbrook Floasts
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The Tide Table for the day indicates the highest tide of the 24 hour cycle came at 2:08 AM today at 7.12 metres, 23.36 feet. The afternoon making for a slightly lower mark 6.19 metres, 20.31 feet.

For the Lows, the lowest tide came at 8:55AM at -0.02 metres -.0.07ft, the new low tide won't reach that benchmark, coming tonight for waterfront watchers  at 8:58 PM at 1.84 metres, 6.04 feet

The next five days of tidal activity look as follows for the waterfront.

You can track the Tidal information for Prince Rupert Harbour from this online option.

More notes on tides and such can be explored from our Weather archive.

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