Friday, July 22, 2022

Northern Health introduces Doctor Andrew Stanley the newest Family Physician for Prince Rupert area

Northern Health has welcomed the arrival
of Dr. Andrew Stanley to Prince Rupert

(photo from Northern Health FB)

Now don't every one run off to say Hi at once, but Northern Health has announced its latest move towards addressing the physician shortage in Prince Rupert, introducing Dr. Andrew Stanley to the community this week.

The notes on the newest physician were relayed through the Northern Health Prince Rupert Facebook page, providing for a thumbnail sketch of our newest doctor to take up residence in the city.

The situation for many residents of the area has become quite challenging in the last number of months as a number of Doctors left the region for other parts of the province, something which has made the Prince Rupert Emergency Department the main source of medical care for many.

The challenges of Doctor recruitment made for a good portion of a presentation last fall from Northern Health for City Council, which at the time outlined some of the steps that the Health Authority was taking to find solutions.

The Arrival of Doctor Stanley and some previous announcements now servicing as an indication that some of that work is paying off.

You can view the Northern Health announcement here and add your name to the list of those rolling out the welcomes to Dr. Stanley.

More notes on Northern Health themes can be explored from our archive pages.

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