Monday, January 31, 2022

City of Prince Rupert starts process of planning for new RCMP detachment

The proposed site for the new RCMP detachment in 
Prince Rupert at Third Ave East and McBride

(Photo from City of PR Report)

While City staff prepare to share word with the public on how to participate in the Alternate Approval Process towards the required 25 million dollar loan for a new RCMP detachment, plans are seemingly moving forward towards the design of that new facility.

Two Request for Proposals were published with the BC Bid website last week which outline some of the city's planning when it comes to the downtown detachment set for the corner of McBride and Third Avenue East.

The introduction of the project for those reviewing the opportunity on the BC Bid website looks as follows: 

As Prince Rupert continues to grow, so too does the need for increased technology, modern facilities, and a larger staff contingent to maintain the current level of service in the region. 

Over the years, investments have been made in the RCMP detachment in downtown Prince Rupert, but the facility is again running out of capacity and in need of repair. 

Projections show the need for increased space in the next three years. 

The City of Prince Rupert would like to build a new facility that meets their requirements for security and capacity, to enable the RCMP to continue to provide a safe environment for the community of Prince Rupert. 

The First RFP is that for Professional Consulting services

Towards the project, the City outlines how they have assembled an Integrated Project Team (IPT) consisting of the City’s Project Manager, the Design Builder, the Design Builder’s retained sub-consultants, City’s retained consultants, and other stakeholders. The IPT will work together in delivering the project on budget and on time within the established parameters of scope, quality, and sustainability.

The Schedule for the firs RFP is as such:

The Second Request for Proposals is for Commissioning Authority Services towards the project.

Towards that RFP, the Scope of Services is explained as follows:

The Commissioning Authority will work with the Integrated Project Team and perform the Services described in the Contract required to create a Commissioning Plan based on drawings and documents presented by the architect’s team. The services required for this Project will comprise, without limiting: (i) Professional Commissioning Authority Services

The contact person for both RFP's is Tino Mbara with Colliers Project Leaders who is listed Project Manager. Colliers is a project development organization with a number of offices across Canada.

You can review more on the twin call for applications from the BC Bid website.

As for the  use of the Alternate Approval Process, City Council chose the AAP option over a wider community referendum at last Monday's City Council session.

The City's information relay to date on the plans the City has outlined the scope of the 25 million dollar loan and the repayment period that will be required towards it.

The loan is planned to be repaid over a 30 year period, and is estimated to increase taxes potentially by approximately 1% the year following the dispersal of funds. The tax increase will only be necessary IF all funds are required to complete the project. 

The City has been setting aside additional tax revenues since 2019 to reduce the future impact of loan repayment for this project. If this step had not been taken, the project could have potentially increased taxes by 6%.

As of yet, it doesn't seem that the city has started the clock on the engagement process, with no instructions available for residents as to when the window will open to express, if they desire, their opinion towards the borrowing plan.

Though the City has provided for a video on the process, as well as a home page on their website with more details on the consultation plans.

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  1. In 2008 the City of Red Deer built the largest RCMP detachment building in Alberta.

    That detachment had 15 cells and a floor area of 8,096 sq.m. And it was built to a LEED silver standard.

    The construction cost was $22.3 million.

    We are in the $25-$30 million range already, with no detachment size or LEED rating expectation.

  2. totally unfair and ridiculous comparison. try like with like

    -2008 was so 14 years ago... $22.3 million then is worht $28.3 million now

    -cowichan RCMP detachment underway is $48 million

    -Fort St John RCMP detachment under construction is $51.4 million,the%20amount%20of%20the%20loan

    1. Someone found an inflation calculator -

      What is fair, and not at all ridiculous to say is that this detachment will be another example of an overdue and overbudget project.